New Shopkins Shoppies Peppa-Mint

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Shopkins Shoppies Peppa Mint

A new Shopkins Shoppie doll named Peppa-Mint was found at a Toys-R-US! This photo appeared on instagram and facebook earlier with very little dialogue other than it came from Toys-R-US. We don’t have much information on her or if she was only released to a select few stores or not. It does seem like she has an ice cream theme, her 2 Shopkins include what looks like an ice cream cone and a sundae.

Peppa-Mint Available Online

Have a Toys-R-US in your area? Might be worth giving the ma call or stopping by!

Update: Moose Toys just announced on their facebook page and twitter that Peppa Mint will be in Toys-R-Us stores very soon in the US. Now we have already seen her in some Toys-R-Us already, we assume that was the initial/pre-release of her like the previous Shoppies dolls that became available early at numerous stores before their official launch.

We now know Peppa-Mint ‘Cone Sweet Cone!” comes with 2 unique Shopkins, Carla Cone & Icy-Bowl, a comb accessory and a VIP card to unlock more Shopkins on the official Shopkins app ‘Welcome to Shopville.’

Peppa-Mint, Carla Cone and Icy-Bowl are the part of the Series 2 Shopkins Shoppies included in the Shopkins Season 4 launch along with the other new Shoppies Doll, Donatina!


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