New Shopkins Bags And Baskets 

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Shopkins Season 4 is introducing a completely new design for the Shopkins bags and baskets. Instead of the traditional grocery bag and carrying basket, Season 4 comes with a pink pet carrying case, with a little window opening for the bags and a stack and display case for the baskets. The stack and display cases are awesome! They allow you to easily stack and display, from what we have seen up to 3 Shopkins inside of them. A neat new way to store and display your Shopkins collections!


 The stack and display cases come with Shopkins Season 4, 12 packs. While the 2 pack blind bags and 5 packs come with a more traditional looking pink basket still. Season 4 of overly adorable Shopkins are now starting to appear in stores! Check your local Toys-R-Us, Target, and Walmart.

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