Shopkins Season 4 By Christmas?

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We just might have some hints on a Season 4 release date. With Shopkins Season 3 in full swing, the rumor mills are already spinning on Season 4! Initially it sounded like we wouldn’t see Season 4 until Summer of 2016, a full year wait. But with Season 2 and Season 3 being released just a short 6 months apart it could be likely that we will see Season 4 just in time for Christmas!

As Season 2 and 3 showed, we can expect all kinds of new sections and limited edition madness come Season 4. With the addition of baby kins in Season 2 and stationary and jewels in Season 3, there has been a lot of talk on what could be added when Season 4 does finally arrive.

While nothing is set in stone yet, we still expect Season 4 to usher out by Christmas and like the previous seasons, be exclusive to a few stores initially like Toys-R-Us. And for our Australian friends, a few months delay like with Season 3 release will be likely.

What do you think the Shopkins World will bring to us come Season 4? Cute Pets? Canned Foods? And maybe most importantly, what color will the Season 4 theme be!

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