Shopkins Season 1 Becoming Huge Collectors Items

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Looking where to buy Shopkins Season 1? They haven’t been available in stores for awhile now, but still have a large demand for them. Making them quite the hot collectors items. The main reason for this, is the extremely rare and valuable limited editions that came with season one and the small amount of them made.

The Season One limited edition Shopkins have a metallic finish and only a small amount were made and are as follows:

Cupcake Queen (100 made)
Buttercup (250 made)
Tin’a’Tuna (500 made)
Twinky Winks (1,000 made)
Papa Tomato (2,500 made)
Sunny Screen (5,000 made)

If you’ve been looking to buy Season 1 Shopkins, you can still get them in a variety of different packs on Amazon, however supplies are limited as season 1 is no longer being made or available in retail stores!

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