Shopkins Best Sellers From Amazon 2015

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What Shopkins is everyone buying? We went out and compiled the best selling Shopkins on Amazon for 2015 at the request of a few readers. These Shopkins products were compiled by Amazon based on the best reviews, sales and overall buyer interest.

Update: Check out our 2016 List Here!

Shopkins, Season 3 , 12-Pack (Characters May Vary)
The top selling Shopkins product currently is the Season 3, 12-pack. We like to think of the 12-pack as a Shopkins starter pack. With 10 visible Shopkins and 2 hidden inside, this is a great product if you’re just starting out with Shopkins or looking for a quick boost to your already existing collection. Don’t forget, Shopkins Limited Editions can be found from the 2 hidden Shopkins inside 12-packs.

Shopkins Season 3 (2 Shopkins in a Basket)
Next on the list is the Shopkins Season 3 baskets. Also known as blind bags or blind baskets. These mystery single packages contain 2 Shopkins hidden inside a shopping basket. These are highly popular on un-boxing videos on YouTube as they are fun to open and always a surprise who you’ll get inside.

Due to their fun nature and price these always seem to be sold out at local big box stores like Wal-Mart and Target.

Shopkins S3 Food Fair Themed Packs Cool And Creamy Collection
The Season 3 Food Fair Theme Packs have been high popular despite it being a fairly new product. The Cool and Creamy Collection is currently the best seller of the 3. It comes with 8 ice cream related Shopkins and a soft serve dispenser. This pack goes extremely well with the Season 3 Scoops Ice Cream Stuck Playset. (Last on our list, down below)


Shopkins Series 3 Scoops Ice Cream Truck Playset
As we mentioned above, the Shopkins Season 3 Scoops Ice Cream Truck Playset is an excellent combo to with the Cool and Creamy collection. The playset comes with a super cool ice cream truck, umbrella stand to sit at and enjoy your frozen treats and 2 exclusive Shopkins and 2 exclusive shopping bags.


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