Moose Toys The Ugglys Pet Shop Series 1 Review

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The Ugglys Pet Shop or just The Ugglys for short, is a Moose Toys product (makers of Shopkins) that was released earlier this year and currently is in Series 1, with a Series 2 shortly on the way. Like their Shopkins counterparts, The Ugglys come in a variety of different packs, teams and rarities with 101 pets to collect in all. While the Shopkins are super adorable, The Ugglys are, well, ugly and gross! What grotesque pet will you get!?

For series 1 there are 5 rarity types, (Common, Rare, Ultra Rare, Gross Homes and Limited Edition.

For Teams The Ugglys are organized a little bit different then the Shopkins of Shopville. They are put into teams on a level of grossness and are as follows:

The Ugglys Pet Shop – Series 1 Teams:
Gross Homes
Limited Edition

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