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Keeping an eye out for those Limited Edition Shopkins? There has been a lot of discussion and confusion as to where you can get the elusive Limited Edition Shopkins. To those of you have spent tons of money on Shopkins and yet to come across one, you could simply just be buying the wrong packs!

The Limited Edition versions of the adorable Shopkins can only be found in 12 and 5 packs! Single blind bags,and any other variation packages will not contain them. All reports and our own personal experience confirms this. We have currently unboxed 3limited editions Shopkins, across all 3 seasons and all of them have come from the hidden bags inside of a 12 pack.

So if you’re getting flustered as to why you or your child hasn’t come across them, start buying 5 and12 packs! And if you’ve been collecting for a long time, these may be your best bet for collecting as 10 of them are visible in the package to help you filter out doubles you may already have.

The only problem with this is often all stores are immediately out of 5 and 12 packs! I’ve been to Wal-Mart/Target numerous times and they are almost always out of the 12 packs let alone have much of any Shopkins on the shelf at all. When they come out they are gone fast! The good news is Amazon usually has these available and are actually cheaper! You can order 12 packs that hopefully contains a Limited Edition for just under 10 bucks!

We have the link for 12 packs below, including the new Season 4. Happy Limited Edition hunting!

UPDATE: Since then Moose Toys has confirmed 2-packs also may have Limited Editions. Check out the complete list of ALL Limited Edition Shopkins and how many were made.


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